Winter Fishing For Catfish

I’m sure that everyone is noticing that the Winter is fast approaching. The weather is getting cold fast. The fish are starting to move into their winter locations. Like always, I’m gonna do my best to give y’all the best chance to catch the biggest fish possible during this cold water period.

We all know that in the winter, the catfish’s metabolism slows down drastically. They don’t have to feed near as much as did during the fall but don’t let that throw you off. The winter offers huge possibilities for you if you can stand that cold. Why? because the fishing pressure will become no existent. Not many of us are crazy enough to get out in the elements for those big cats. Most that do want to get out into the weather want to be hunting. That’s no problem to me. I like having the lake to myself :)

Let’s also try to adjust our thoughts that catfish don’t feed in winter. Sure they don’t feed or move much but remember that these are big fish. Naturally they have to eat more to be able to live. Think of how many calories a grown man must eat compared to a kid to live. A grown man needs twice as much food to survive. Big catfish are much the same. You should use this to your advantage. What I mean by this is that your catfish wants to eat a big meal so that she doesn’t have to eat or move again soon. Lazy fish! But they will still take that easy meal.

When looking for those winter fish, you should be looking for deep holes with plenty of depth. Pick the deepest structure, hole, or whatever you have in your area because that will offer the fish the best area to live comfortable. That deep water stays at the same temperature throughout the winter. While if you look at shallow water, the temperature will fluctuate a lot. This will put a lot of stress on the fish.

I like jetties on my river, but you can find the fish living around deep holes, river intersections, large log jams, and any other deep current breaks. I simply stress fishing deep in the winter.

Now if you want to see the technique that a great catfisherman uses, I suggest that you watch the video that I’m gonna post below. Steve Douglas from shows us how he uses bounding down to catch winter catfish in a great youtube video.

How to Locate and Catch Winter Catfish

If you read this article and watch this video, you should be in a great position to get out there and catch some big fish. Stay confident. You will catch them. And you will catch some big ones. Now its time for you guys to chime in. I’d love to hear about your favorite catfishing techniques for winter below in the comment box. Good Luck Guys and thanks for reading.

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» Dinha said: { Dec 2, 2012 - 07:12:30 }

Totally its the same as Alaska in that respect. Mind your business shut up and fish with etiquette. You have to respect the locals and why try and change it to suit you. You dont go around stepping on toes. Its a place that can break you, you have to be a certain breed to live up there.