Which Weight Shape is Best for Catfishing?

Look around the catfishing section of your local store. You’ll know three or four different types of shapes of weights. Why are there so many different shapes? Mainly because people like to be different or unique but more importantly… because the serve a different job. We have three types of weight shapes that we are looking at today: eggs shapes, flat, and pyramid. These three shapes cover the most of our applications and have the greatest amount of difference. Our job today is definte what each weight looks like, what is it best at, and which rig it goes best with.

Egg Sinker

The egg sinker is literally what it sounds like. It is an eggs shaped piece of lead. Egg sinkers are the most basic type of lead weight available on the martket, but don’t let them fool you. Though they lack a flashy look, they are a one size fits all weight for the creative angler. Egg weights are mainly used for slip rigs, or carolina rigs. This rig allows for the bait not be hindered by the weight. Please click on the link if you don’t know what a carolina rig is.

Egg sinkers have a tendency to get hung when fishing in rivers as it is normally swept under cover. Current can also push the weight down stream, which can disrupt one’s presentation and move the lure away from your target cover. This issue is not as much of an affect in lakes and ponds where current is weak. These sinkers are also fairly resistant to getting hung up. This is a huge positive since you will be fishing around cover regularly. Surprisingly, an egg sinker does well it free drifts on a river.

So to quickly sum up my opinion about egg sinkers, you should be fishing them in lakes or ponds around cover on a Carolina rig. You should also try drift fishing with egg sinkers

Flat Sinkers

Flat Sinkers are flattened weights that are made to stay on bottom. Flat sinkers are perfect for fishing in rivers. They work great on carolina rigs and resemble a shad for suspended rigs. This could pose a small problem for this a fish attacks the weight but its normally not much to worry about. Flat sinkers will stay where you cast them to which will give you the advantage of your bait staying in the strike zone for a long time.

Flat Sinkers are typically harder to find. Most fishing stores won’t have them readily available, which is why you don’t see people fishing them on their slip rigs more often. If they were more available, they would quickly replace the egg sinker. It is a superior weight.

They won’t work on drop shot type rigs without a little Jerry rigging. There are better options for that anyways. So if you are to use a flat sinker, you should use it in rivers on a carolina rig for stationary fish. Don’t’ be afraid to try drift fishing with it too. You’ll be happy with the results.

Pyramid Sinker

This weight is just as it sounds. They all are it seems! It is basically a pyramid flipped upside down with a metal loop coming out the bottom for the line to tie to. Pyramid sinkers are made for drop shot type rigs. They do well for staying in one place in current as the edge of the pyramid grabs the river bottom and holds in place.

Now they don’t work well when free drifting because those edges catch cover and hang up. So make sure to fish stationary when using this type of weight.

They can also be used on a slip rig but you must make sure that your swivel is large enough not to slip through the metal loop of the weight. This type of rig works well. Not the best because it can get hung during the retrieve.

I would use pyramids for drop shots from an anchored or stationary presentation where you want to fish to move up to eat. You can use them for rivers and lakes but be sure not to be too close to cover.

Alright guys, that’s the end of my article on weight shapes. Now I know there are plenty of other weights so its your turn to chime in? What other types of weights are used in catfishing and how do you use them?