Catfishing Tackle

Cat fishing Tackle can be complicated and simple, expensive and inexpensive. Here at How to Catfish Today, I’ll give you details on what you should be looking for rods, reels, and general tackle. I’ll break down the different options and brands from the incredibly cheap to ridiculously expensive, with maybe a few next product reviews along the way.

Note: I am not affiliated with any products that are mentioned nor am I trying to sell them. I’ll only be informing you of my experience with different products or product types.

Catfishing Reels

This mini series will give you all the information that you need to know in order make a decision on what reel to choose. Reel selection should not be complicated but you should know what you want it to do.

Catfishing Rods

Do you need an average rod or a trophy rod. Which rods are the best value? Whats the best quality rod? What are some specifics that you should be looking for? All questions and more will be answered in the Mini Series on Catfish Rods.

Terminal Tackle for Catfish

What all do you need? What different sizes of hooks and weights should you use. What size line and line type is best for cat fishing? What else could you be forgetting? I’ll talk about my simple ideas to staying prepared for any fishing condition and not breaking a budget.

Catfish Rigs

After learning about which pieces of tackle you need to catch catfish, you need to learn how to use that tackle. This section is all about how to tie that tackle together to make it into a solid cat fishing system. This section will teach you are the different rigs that I use for my cat fishing.