Strategies for Catching Big Blue Catfish

Taking blue catfish over 50lbs is a goal that takes time, patience, and a lot of know how. This article is designed to give you the knowledge to get started. But like anything in life, this goal is tough to accomplish and takes considerable luck. But let’s get started in your quest for targeting Big Blue Catfish.

Use Big Bait

Let’s be honest, she didn’t get that big from eating light. She has an appetite that is tough to fill. You are better suited to play to her nature than against it. Give her that big bait. Give her that easy meal. If you think that blue catfish is eating a 1 pound drum, try it. How about a 7 inch live bream? Throw it. Large blue catfish can eat just about anything that swims in the river. I’ve heard stories about 100 lb catfish with 10lb drums in there belly.If you take the time to find a large bait, you will diminish your chances of a small catfish getting in your way. You also offer her a meal that will last her a long time. Catfish will target meals that give them the most energy ( calories) from the least about of effort.

I prefer 1 pound drum for large blue catfish because its a large bait that catfish are used to seeing. Drum and catfish live in river bottoms in the same deep holes. Blue catfish have been feeding on drums from the time they were big enough to eat bait fish. They also know that drum one of the bait fish that grow big enough that the catfish can use as an easy meal to last a long time. Along with being natural to a catfish, drum also make great cut bait for blue cats.

Be Patient

Catching a catfish of a lifetime is not a quick task. It takes a ton of patience and persistence. You will need to work a spot for days before you see anything. Here is list of things working against you.

  • Those big catfish are smart and will be cautious.
  • You will also have to fight the odds of the big catfish having already eaten that day.
  • She might not even be there when you are.

You won’t know until you throw. But if you leave your bait in one spot for a long time, you will weigh the chances of pulling a big catfish out into your favor. But how do you know if you are in a good location. Just ask your self if the area has deep water, a good feeding area, and baitfish. If those three are present, you have a good spot. Here are some links to finding those good fishing holes:

River Catfish and Lake Catfish

  Big Fish are Loners

Something to think about is that big fish are loners. They want the best places for themselves. If another catfish or predator fish comes into their area, they will run that fish away. So how do you use that little piece of knowledge to your advantage. Well if you are catching smaller fish, then your odds of having a big fish hole are very low. Now the opposite holds true, if you aren’t catching anything but the area has all the ingredients to hold fish then it might hold a big blue catfish.

Bring the Big Tackle

Let’s face the truth. These big blue cats are gonna be strong. You will need 65 lb test line. A powerful heavy action rod and reel. And let’s not forget about 6/0 to 10/0 hooks. I’m not into suggesting brands for all of these products. Mainly because I haven’t had the opportunity to test out all the different brands. I would rather give you guidelines than products I haven’t tested. My suggestion is to look into popular saltwater set ups for cobia and sharks. Saltwater reels have a powerful gear ratio and the rods are made to handle the bend of fish up  and above 100 lbs. This big tackle is a must though. You might get bit but you will never get the fish in using our regular catfish gear.

Alright Guys, thats all I have for today. Its your turn now. What tips do you have for catching big blue catfish?

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