Michigan Rig

The Michigan Rig is a combination of a Carolina rig and drop shot. Thus it has capabilities that make it distinctly unique. Using the Michigan rig might be just what you need to get an advantage in your anchoring techniques in rivers.

So how do you tie a Michigan Rig?

To tie the Michigan rig you will need a number of accessories:

  • 1-2oz pyramid sinker
  • (2)12-24” 20-40lb monofilament leader line
  • 3-way swivel
  • (1) hook (you pick your preference of hook sizes)

To tie a Michigan rig for catfish, you should start with your main line. Tie the 3-way swivel on to the main line. Take your two leader lines and tie one leader onto one of the open ends of the 3-way swivel. Now tie the other leaders onto the last open end of the 3-way swivel. Use an improved clinch knot to tie all the knots. Take one of your leader lines and tie a pyramid sinker to the open end. Now take the other leader line and tie a hook to it. That will finish off your Michigan rig.

Pictures soon to come

What is the best way to use a Michigan rig?

Michigan rigs are made for short distance anchored presentations. They work best in current or live bait. The current and/or live bait helps to keep the leader lines from tangling. In current situations, if you can get the weight close to cover your bait will be dangling over the cover. This is perfect for calling catfish out of cover.

Michigan rigs are also great for giving bait a suspended but stationary presentation. What makes it even better than a drop shot rig is that the live bait can swim around freely and cause more disturbances in the water.

Note: I believe I heard a rumor and this rig might be illegal is some states. I’ll check to see which ones soon.

When it comes to fishing in rivers and with live bait for catfish, you should give the Michigan rig a try. For those who have tried it, what’s your favorite way to fish them? Please comment below.