Its Cold Outside: Catfishing after a Cold Front

Cold fronts suck. Let’s be honest about that. They might be the toughest weather condition to fish through. You could a caught 100 catfish the day before a cold front and the next day you’ll catch nothing. Most people just call it quits when the cold front hits. Not a bad idea but for those of us that just have to hit the lake or river, this article will give you a few tips to catch a few catfish during these cold fronts.

Tips #1: Fish Early

I’m talking about Day Break. I know that its cold and miserable but this is your best time to catch fish during a cold front. I remember fishing Guntersville two years when a snow storm hit. The day before the fish were biting well but then the bottom dropped about and it snowed for two days. In Alabama that’s a major cold front. Fishing sucked…except for the first two hours of the morning. We caught ten fish each morning. If you were on your best area, you would catch the mess out of catfish. Afterwards the fish would shut down almost completely.

Tip #2: Fish Deeper

Deeper fish are less affected by cold fronts. Sure those major ones will bug them some but they aren’t affected as much as a shallow water fish is. Basically that 30 to 50 feet worth of water above them acts as an insulator from the cold. This is also the reason why most catfish run to deep water in Winter. It is much more stable. These deep water catfish might not be very active but they will be more active than their shallow water buddies.

Tip#3: Fish Your Best Hole Slowly

Once the day sets in and the fishing gets slow, you should get slow with them. Anchoring Techniques are best and working an area thoroughly will get you the best chance to catch a few fish. This might mean fishing  one hole for two hours but during the worst conditions this is your best shot.

Tip#4: Keep that Bait Fresh

I probably add this to every article but during a cold front you must do this. Why? You want everything to be in your favor. If a catfish does decide to smell the bait, you want that fresh blood to pull hit in for atleast a nibble. Remember catfish are big and must feed to keep that big body going. Give them a big, easy, and fresh meal!

Tip#5: Use your Electronics to Find Fish

During the worst of conditions I will use my electronics to find where the school of fish are on my favorite fishing hole. After I find them, I’ll cast a bait right in the middle of the school and a few around the school. Using the electronics can save you a lot of time and effort. Fish Smart!

Tip#6: Find Current

Current naturally makes fish more active. Since the catfish must fight the current in some way or another, they will burn more energy. This means that they will have to feed more. Even though a cold front hits, the catfish must still fight the current. This means that she’ll have to feed at least once more after the early morning bite. So finding a free flowing or consistently flowing river isn’t a bad idea in a cold front.

Alright guys, that’s all I have for today. As always, I want to here what Cold Front Tips you have. Comment below and tell us what you do when a cold front hits.

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