Intermediate Series: The Next Step in Catfishing

Hey Guys,

This Series is dedicated to taking that next step into becoming a better catfisherman after you have gotten a little experience in catfishing. I’ll go more in-depth into topics of Seasonal Patterns, How to keep your Live Bait Alive, and Bait presentations. I hope this Series will help to put the pieces in place to start catching bigger catfish. Feel free to comment on the articles and let me know what you think about the articles and any ideas that you have. So let’s get started. Just click on the links for which article you’d like to read first.

Thank You and Keep fishing


Intermediate Series:

Current Breaks

Seasonal Patterns for River Catfish

Seasonal Patterns for Lake Catfish

Night Time Flatheads

How to Keep Your Bait Alive

Looking into Cutbait for Catfish

Strategies for Catching Big Blue Catfish

How to Present Bait to Catfish