Timing is Everything

July 17, 2014 , Author : Catfishtoday

We’re all heard it before. Timing is everything! If you don’t believe that, then you should try to catfish in the summer time. There are so many things that can work against you that its easy to think that the fish have packed up and went north for

25 Hooks from the Bank

June 17, 2014 , Author : Catfishtoday

I was talking to a good family friend, Roger, last weekend about catfishing…while catfishing of course. It was Father’s Day and my wife’s side of the family likes to have a big family get together during these type of things. Being that it was right by the river,

Finally The Boat is Running

June 13, 2014 , Author : Catfishtoday

I’m feeling great guy. After struggling for some time, I am able to get back out on the water once again. As a few of you may know, I got married last year. We celebrated of one year anniversary just a few weeks ago. The thing about getting

Winter Deep Holes

December 13, 2013 , Author : Catfishtoday

Winter is a time of deep fishing…nothing new for us but for other fishermen, this can be quite an adjustment. When it comes to fishing winter, we have to think of what catfish need the most. Its kind of like cooking a meal for the family. If you